American Cheese Society

2024 ACS Annual Conference

July 8th - 14th, 2024
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ACS Volunteer Agreement

Dress Code
Volunteers will dress appropriately for their duties, wear closed toe shoes, wear the ACS volunteer shirt and a hat/ hair net when handling food.

Attendance and Schedule
Volunteers should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their shift, and are responsible for checking in and out with the Volunteer Coordinator. This is where they will get their Volunteer shirt.

Volunteers will receive training as part of their volunteer shift to give them the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their assignment.

Volunteers are expected to follow rules of conduct that will protect the interest and safety of all volunteers and staff.

Health and Safety
ACS aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for all volunteers. If a volunteer is injured in the course of the volunteer’s service, it is important that the volunteer notify his or her supervisor immediately. Volunteers must tell the person in charge if they are sick and cannot participate in food preparation activities. If they have vomiting or diarrhea, they cannot participate in food preparation activities until at least 24 hours after symptoms are gone.

Volunteers are responsible for their personal property. ACS is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property and will not reimburse a volunteer for any personal property which disappears from a volunteer site.

ACS Equipment
Any equipment or tools which appear to be damaged, defective, or in need of repair should be reported to the volunteer’s supervisor. Prompt reporting of damages, defects, and the need for repairs could prevent deterioration of equipment and possible injury to others.

ACS is committed to providing volunteers with an environment that is free from discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated.

Food Safety
ACS will provide initial training in food safety, including food allergy awareness.

Photo Release
ACS staff and professional photographer(s) will be onsite taking pictures or video during this event. I give permission for images and videos captured at this event to be used by American Cheese Society for the purpose of marketing and publications, including its website, social media, fundraising, and any other like purpose.

Volunteer Agreement Statement:
By my signature below, I attest I have read the volunteer agreement for the American Cheese Society and acknowledge that I will:
-adhere to all ACS food-handling instructions and practices.
-waive any and all medical, civil, or other claims against ACS arising out of the performance of my volunteer duties, whether for an on-site work-related injury, personal injury, or otherwise
-assume all liability in the event that I am injured while engaged in volunteer work for ACS, and release ACS from any responsibility for or obligation to provide me with financial or other assistance, including but not limited to medical, health, or disability benefits or insurance.
-release and forever discharge ACS from any claim whatsoever which arises or may hereafter arise on account of any first-aid treatment or other medical services rendered during my tenure as a volunteer with ACS.

Additionally, I understand that volunteer labor is not tax-deductible as a charitable deduction as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS Publication #526). The IRS Code specifically precludes deducting a donation of “time or services” and I will not receive a receipt from ACS for the labor or services donated.